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Useful Resources for Our Clients

The primary goal of Hill, Stonestreet & Co. is to help our clients with all matters associated with tax and accounting. Below are some helpful tools that can be used to answer common questions.

Helpful Calculators

Mortgage Calculator  Input your home value and interest rate to see what your mortgage payment would be.

Required Minimum Draw Calculator — Find the minimum required withdrawal from your IRA given your age and account balance.

Social Security Benefits Estimator — With this calculator, you can get a rough estimate of the social security benefits you will receive upon retirement.

Payroll Taxes Estimator — Input your wages and this calculator estimates your payroll tax withholdings.

Loan Amortization Calculator — This calculator shows how your principal loan balance will change after each payment.

Other Links

IRS Where's My Refund — This IRS-run website will show you how far along your federal tax refund is.

Ohio Where's My Refund — Use this website to track your state tax refund.

Cuyahoga County Real Estate Tax — This link provides information from the Cuyahoga County Treasurer about real estate taxes.

Regional Income Tax Agency — Click the above link to be taken to the Regional Income Tax Agency's website, where you can pay local taxes.

The Office of Medina County Treasurer John A. Burke — Search and pay taxes through the office of Medina County Treasurer John A. Burke.

Central Collection Agency

City of Brunswick